I, J.R.Robert Raj and Family Residing at 1/8B-3, Ganga Nagar First Street, Pallavilai, Peruvilai Post, Nagercoil-629 003, Originally belongs to Roman Catholic Family. My wife Thirumathy.K.Gnana Thangam is working as Assistant Manager in the Kanyakumari District Central Co-operative Bank at Nagercoil. Our only beloved daughter Selvi.R.G.Arshad Tina Raghi is studying in standard XI in the Little Flower Convent Girls Higher Secondary School at Nagercoil.

In view of continuous loss in my business, I have to loose my entire belongings including all properties. We have no other go to live in this world. At this crucial time my wife met one God’s servant. She needed some prayer help through him. From that moment he started to pray for my wife. After a few days The Holy Spirit ordered him,”Say her to read the Holy Bible, I will speak with her”. As advised my wife started studying The Holy Bible very carefully. Also advised her to surrender her for God’s work. The holy spirit instructed her to read Luke 18:7. It says as follows:”Now, will God not judge in favour of His own people who cry to Him day and night for help? Will he be slow to help them?Accordingly my wife obeyed and surrendered her for God’s work.

Moreover, within 15 months from October 2010 she has completed the reading of the entire Bible thrice. Afterwards, my wife met with an accident during January 2012 and also had fracture in her leg. Hence she was admitted in a hospital and was on Medical leave for 45 days. During these days she has completed continuously the reading of the Entire Old Testament within 20 days and The New Testament within 8 days.

Moreover, within 19 months from my wife’s surrendering to God, The Almighty God was so merciful to start His work in the name of “The Lord is Peace”. Besides, my wife has concentrated on all night prayer and early morning prayers too. Moreover, also she is praying for the needy peoples requirements, regularly. Above all through my wife God is making wonders to several people in the name of Lord the almighty.

Further more, every month during the last Friday, we are conducting fasting prayers in our house from 10 am to 1 pm. Several people are attending the fasting prayer along with us and receiving the blessings of God almighty. In addition, we are delivering the God’s message in several churches with family. Because of this we are meeting several people and praying for their sickness and problems. Loving God redeems all those needy people too. God is also helping us to do God’s work more effectively. Through songs, prayers and sermons my wife is doing God’s work. God the almighty has also strengthened her to spread his kingdom. Surrendering all the glory to God. Amen.